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Welcome to the 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint

With professional, done-for-you, brandable materials, the 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint allows you to offer an extensively supported, beautifully crafted and results-oriented 7-day gentle cleanse for your clients. The program walks them through 2 days of pre-cleansing, 7 days of cleansing (which consists of nourishing, whole foods that support the body’s natural detoxification processes), and 2 days of post-cleansing. And beyond the comprehensive client resources, you as a practitioner will receive a thorough, step-by-step toolkit that guides you through the entire process of delivering a cleanse, from first marketing actions all the way through its successful delivery.


What the 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint can do for you:

Attract new clients by providing a fully supported and effective entry-level program

Create the potential for passive income through the delivery of branded cleanses targeted to your ideal client

Position yourself as the go-to resource when your clients want to hit the "reset" button

Establish a branded cleanse for your practice that you can use again and again


What the 7 Day Reset Cleanse can do for your clients:

Support the body’s natural detoxification systems through the whole, nourishing, cleanse-specific foods detailed in the program’s suggested daily meals and 100+ recipe guide

Remove 5 key culprits that commonly act as food sensitivities in the body, often resulting in myriad benefits, including an increase in energy, decrease in belly bloat and improved sense of vitality

Provide education about the body’s innate cleansing systems, key tenets of healthy eating and safe cleansing practices they can utilize during and after the program to continue to support their body’s systems

Help them understand the critical role proper nutrition plays in their health with tools that help make the connection between the foods they eat and how they are feeling, both physically and emotionally

This whole food-based cleanse is a 7 day program that incorporates wholesome, nourishing and cleansing foods that support the body’s innate detoxification systems. By crowding out the common allergens and food triggers (such as processed sugar, dairy, gluten, coffee and alcohol) with wholesome, nourishing foods, this cleanse is designed to help your client feel leaner, lighter, brighter and rejuvenated.

With both vegetarian and omnivorous options provided in each of the daily suggested meals, this cleanse is a perfect reset for both beginning and advanced cleansers.

The scope of the 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint encompasses everything you need to launch and deliver a successful cleanse, whether you are selling it online, as a group program, or in your one-on-one practice.

Let's take a look at each of the components.

The 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint includes an easy-to-understand Program Manual to guide your clients through each day step-by-step.


To go along with the daily suggested meals listed in the Program Manual, the 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint includes over 100 delicious recipes in our Recipe Guide, each one delicious and crafted with simplicity in mind.



The recipes were created and customized by Jessica Pantermuehl, a nutrition therapy practitioner, holistic health coach and former personal chef with extensive experience with the full gamut of meal-planning challenges: ranging from teaching kitchen beginners the basics of healthy cooking to satisfying the palates of celebrity clients. So these recipes, while incredibly tasty, are easy to follow and simple to prepare.


To make things even easier for your clients, the Cleanse Blueprint includes Shopping Lists that correspond to the suggested meals and recipes detailed in the Program Manual. To accommodate for the bio-individuality of your clients, there are two versions of the Shopping Lists, one for a vegetarian cleanse and one for an omnivorous cleanse.

To go along with these manuals, the Whole Foods Cleanse Blueprint also includes the Getting Started Guide, to orient and educate your clients about what a cleanse is exactly, and what happens in the body during a cleanse.

The Getting Started Guide also helps the participant heighten their awareness of their body while also inspiring them to appreciate and care for it.



As practitioners, we need to anticipate challenges that the participant might encounter during the cleanse, such as how to manage caffeine and sugar withdrawal in addition to potential detoxification symptoms. There is a vital need to educate your clients about the importance of listening to their body, both during the cleanse and in everyday life, while also offering proven suggestions on how to overcome these hurdles and stay the course.


The Safe Cleansing Guide covers this and more.



And to take your client even deeper into the process, the Cleansing Companion provides education on an array of cleansing support tools along with exact directions for maximizing their effectiveness.



This comprehensive Cleanse Blueprint also includes a way for your client to monitor and track their progress during the program, resulting in a better understanding of their body and a heightened awareness of how certain foods make them feel. After all, sometimes we don’t realize how far we’ve come without a tangible index.

The Self Assessment provides specific analytic tools for your client to objectively view the progress they have made during the cleanse, and can be used to monitor their progress beyond the cleanse, throughout the duration of their time working with you.

Furthermore, when your client is just starting out on their health journey, it can be difficult to identify the relationship between what they are eating and how they are feeling. The Food/Mood Journal solves this by providing a guide for identifying good and bad reactions after eating, both physically and emotionally.


Lastly, the 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint was created to provide lifelong tools for better health. The Proper Preparation of Grains, Beans, Nuts and Seeds educates your client about the most healthful ways to consume these foods with specific instructions on soaking, sprouting and otherwise reducing the anti-nutrients inherent in these foods.



And as this is a Cleanse Blueprint, that means a fully supported experience not just for the client, but also for the practitioner:




The 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint includes materials that teach you the keys to crafting laser-precise marketing and how to identify your ideal cleansing participant. It also guides you through the process of establishing your voice and helps you master the formula for creating successful marketing pieces that speak to your target client.


The comprehensive Tools & Resources for Marketing and Delivering Your Cleanse provides all of this, and more. It also gives you the step-by-step process to create and execute a complete sales funnel and launch sequence, from start to finish. It teaches you in easy-to-understand terms the complexities of creating sales pages and mastering such technological tools as setting up PayPal, Facebook groups and teleseminars. It also covers how to integrate an email marketing system and shows you how to create your own beautiful graphics.



But let’s be honest, all of that information can be a bit overwhelming.

Which is why the blueprint additionally comes with the Cleanse Delivery Workbook: an additional, easy-to-use manual that guides you through every step of the launch sequence and program delivery in bite-size action steps.


The editable Marketing Calendar is another tool included in the Cleanse Blueprint for overcoming overwhelm, providing day-by-day action steps for marketing and launching your cleanse in the ultimate stress-free, manageable way.

And to complete the support for both participant and practitioner, there is the 13-Email Support Sequence. This sequence provides education and motivation to your patient during each day of the pre-cleanse, cleanse, and post-cleanse – plus an email one day before and after the program begins and ends.

Beyond simply providing words of encouragement, these emails address such subjects as meal preparation, the importance of elimination and how to get things moving again if digestion slows during the cleanse, the benefits of and instructions for intermittent fasting, tips on how to eat, ways to differentiate between true hunger and emotional hunger and lists of resources that can be used well beyond the cleanse itself.

And there you have it.


The 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint takes your patient step-by-step through 7 days of cleansing, along with 2 days of pre-cleanse and 2 days of post-cleansing, with suggested whole foods meals for each day.


It provides recipes, education and a robust system of support for your client, while also also providing powerful tools for you as the practitioner, with effective marketing resources, strategies and action steps to set up to deliver the most successful cleanse possible.

To recap, here's what you’ll receive in the 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint:

For your cleansing participants…

Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

A practical and educational guide that walks your clients through the basics of the cleansing process and answers any questions they may have about cleansing.

 Safe Cleansing Guide

Safe Cleansing Guide

A simple guide to navigate the cleansing process in a safe, enjoyable way.

Program Manual

Program Manual

An easy-to-follow manual that lays out the step-by-step protocol of each cleansing stage: pre-cleanse, cleanse and re-entry. With printable pages and daily reminders, this is where all the components of the cleanse come together.

The Cleansing Companion

The Cleansing Companion

A plethora of specific tools and practices your clients can incorporate on a daily basis to maximize the effectiveness and comfort of your cleanse

Recipe Guide

Recipe Guide

A guide packed with over 100 delicious, detoxifying and nourishing recipes created by a whole-foods personal chef. These recipes were designed to accommodate even the beginning cook, so they are fast, simple and easy to recreate.

Proper Preparation of Grains, Beans, Nuts and Seeds

Proper Preparation of Grains, Beans, Nuts and Seeds

A helpful resource and how-to guide for incorporating grains, beans, nuts and seeds in the most healthful way possible.

Shopping Lists

Shopping Lists

A convenient list of suggested foods that correspond to the recipe guide and program manual for a cleanse-friendly shopping experience. Separate shopping lists are included for vegetarian cleanse and an omnivore cleanse.

Self-Assessment Worksheet

Self-Assessment Worksheet

A handy way for your clients to track their weight, inches, primary health complaints and other important measurements for the cleanse.

Food/Mood Journal

Food/Mood Journal

An insightful journal that allows your clients to track not only what they are eating but how they are feeling – physically, mentally and emotionally – as a result. This tool can be used during the program and beyond, developing and strengthening the recognition of connection between what your clients are eating and how they are feeling.

For your business…

Tools & Resources for Marketing and Delivering Your Cleanse

A manual for everything you need to know for successfully launching your cleanse, including:

Crafting laser-precise marketing, identifying your ideal cleanse participant, establishing your voice and mastering the formula for creating successful marketing pieces

Creating a complete Sales Funnel & Launch Sequence from start to finish

Integrating an email marketing system, creating your own beautiful graphics, crafting a sales page and setting up PayPal, Facebook groups and teleseminars


Cleanse Delivery Workbook

Cleanse Delivery Workbook

A step-by-step, hands-on workbook used in conjunction with the Tools & Resources for Marketing and Delivering Your Cleanse Manual, making it simple to implement each step.

Email Support Sequence

Email Support Sequence

13 pre-written emails with links to handouts, action steps and practical tools to support your cleanse participants throughout the duration of their program.

Marketing Calendar

Marketing Calendar

This editable calendar provides day-by-day action steps for marketing and launching your cleanse in the ultimate stress-free, manageable way.


And with all of that, the investment for the 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint is only $297

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The 7 Day Reset Cleanse Blueprint comes with a money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your Cleanse Blueprint for any reason, simply request a refund within 30 days of purchase.



Frequently Asked Questions


What format are the documents delivered in?
The client support documents are delivered as editable Word documents, and the resources for practitioners are delivered as PDFs.
What do most practitioners charge for this cleanses?
On average, we see practitioners charging $97 for early bird pricing and $127 for regular pricing. In the Tools and Resources Workbook included in the Cleanse Blueprint, there is a whole section that guides you through different ways you can price the program, based on different delivery structures, experience and more.
Can you tell me how much money I'll be able to make from this as a practitioner?
No, and it would actually be illegal for us to do so. We even have to give you this Earnings Disclaimer to let you know that we can’t make promises about how much you’ll make. That said, a ton of time has gone into creating the extensive tools within the practitioner support documents to help you in marketing and delivering this cleanse, so you’ll be supported every step of the way.
Is this a vegetarian cleanse?
There are options for both vegetarian and omnivorous plans for this cleanse.
Are the documents available in Apple Pages format?
Unfortunately, they are not available through Pages at this time.
So I can add my own branding to the support documents and deliver it to my clients as though I created it?
Yep, absolutely! This blueprint was created to make your life easier as a practitioner, and to help provide you with a resource you can plug right into your practice.


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